Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Birthday Surprise!!

Monday was my last day of finals for school for the semester!! YEE!! HAW!! It was also my birthday! :) My husband left to go out of town early Monday morning so we didn't get to do the birthday thing Monday. He sent me some roses and surprised me! My son said, "Mom, someone is parked in front of our house!" (He doesn't like it much when other people park in front of our house. It bothers him that they would park in front of our house.) Then he says, "Mom - it is some old guy and he is coming to our door!" I opened the door and he was carrying a dozen of roses! How sweet!!! My diningroom table smells so good that I have found myself sitting at the table just to enjoy the smell of the roses. I have attached a picture of the roses. Of course, they don't last long and already are starting to bloom and drop but what a sweet thing. My husband hasn't sent me flowers in such a long time! I sure am enjoying them though!! I just hope they last until he comes home so he can smell them and see them looking somewhat nice! Anyways, with school finished for about a month, I have started the creative juices and pumped out some Christmas cards in one evening, gift card holders, and some boxes. I will be posting more later tonight!



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  1. Beautiful flowers, why can't they last for a few weeks?!