Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hair Bows/clips

Hi Friends!! I have a four and a half year old that doesn't ever want to do anything with her hair. When she was little, I could fix her hair everyday. Oh how I miss those days! It is a struggle just to get her to brush it let alone fix it in any way. I have been into some of the stores at the mall and have seen some pretty cute hair clips for little girls. My daughter loves them but I can't bring myself to pay those prices as I know that it doesn't cost a fraction of what they are charging to make them. I decided to try to make them to see how they might turn out. I first went to google and googled hair clips/bows. Then was sent to youtube from google. There are a ton of videos out there on how to make different kinds of bows. I wanted to find out how to make the korker bows. The basic directions on how to make them is to bake them in the oven! Who knew!!

The videos said to wrap the ribbon around wooden dowels. It was a Sunday evening when I went to Wal-Mart. While I was there, the idea popped into my head so I had to get everything to make them. I searched all over the store looking for wooden dowels but came up empty. I decided to check out the kitchen utensils. I thought, maybe there would be some wooden skewers that I could use. The skewers were to small but hanging right beside them was a package of wooden spoons! Problem solved! I would use the handles of the wooden spoons in place of the wooden dowels. Getting back to the directions, you wrap the wooden spoon handles/wooden dowels with the ribbon. Secure the ends of the ribbon with some wooden clothespins. Bake them at 275 degrees for 25 minutes. Let them cool and then unwrap them.

The brown clips were put together with my hot glue gun. First of all, I hot glued the ribbon to the outsides of the alligator clip so that the metal part of the clip wouldn't show. I found the alligator clips at Wal-Mart back in the sewing/beading section. They came in a pack of 12 for $2.00. You can also purchase these at the craft stores as well.

I then put the spiral ribbons together by finding the centers and gluing them together alternating so that they didn't stack on top of each other. To finish it off, I added a yellow button to each center. Voila!!!
The black and white clips were made by seeing some at the craft store. I made up how to make them on my own. I cut the ribbon at 6 1/2 inches long. I used four strips of ribbon for each clip. I folded the ribbon to find the middle. I then took my hot glue gun and glued the edges to the center overlapping them just a tad.

I then stacked them on top of each other gluing them down one by one. To finish it off, I added a yellow button. My daughter picked the color of the button out. Yellow is her favorite color so yellow was the choice. I did wrap the alligator clip with ribbon again to hide the metal.

The fuchsia and lavender clips were done using the korker spirals. I put them together to where there were four ends on each side. I held them together by sewing the ribbons together in place. I did this so that they wouldn't move while I was making them. I then wrapped a small piece of the ribbon around the center and hot glued it together to complete the center. I attached it to the wrapped alligator clip and there you have it! You'll want to make sure that you seal the edges of the ribbon so that it doesn't fray. I used a lighter and melted the ends just a tad.
Hope you have enjoyed these! I'd love to see and hear what all you have made by doing some of these techniques! My daughter is so excited about them and I really hope that she will wear them and it won't be so much of a trouble to get her hair fixed!! :)
Happy Crafting!!