Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Vinyl Project

Hi everyone! This is my first vinyl project. I am so excited about it. I made these for my Dad for his big rig. He wanted his nickname and his dog's name to go on the doors of the truck. I used Make The Cut software to cut them. The font is script MT bold. Wishful Thinkin was cut at 1 inch high by 10 inches long. Oreo is 1 inch high by a hair shy of 4 inches long. I was surprised at how thin the vinyl was once I started to pull the negative side off. I actually had to cut Wishful Thinkin twice because I wasn't very careful and pulled off one of the quotation marks. I had already balled up the negative part and it was still attached so I couldn't save it. My dad was thrilled to get them! He actually wants me to redo all of the lettering on his truck. I am looking forward to doing it!! Hope you have a great day!!



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