Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Treat Bags

Here is my Valentine's treat bags for my children, daycare children, and daughter's teachers. The paper is mostly cardstock I picked up from the craft store. I used Design Studio to make a rectagle the size of 5 x 6". The bee is from It comes from the Valentines cut file. The bee is called Bee Mine. I used Make The Cut to enlarge the bee to about 2 inches. I chalked the cheeks and used some red sparkly pipe cleaners for the antenna. The heart wing is pop dotted. The hear comes from Doodlecharms cartridge. It is cut at 2 1/2". I used the scalloped heart and if you push shift and the scalloped heart then the plain heart will cut out. I hand wrote bee mine and the mouth with my ZIG black double-sided marker. I folded the red rectangle in half to create the topper for the treat bags. The tread bags were picked up a long time ago. I think they either came from Wal-Mart or the Dollar General - not to sure. They are 5 inches wide so that is why the red rectangle had to be 5 inches wide. I wanted enough room for the bee and heart to be glued on to so I thought that 6 inches folded in half would give me 3 inches to work with and that would be plenty of room to put the 2" bee and the 2 1/2" heart. I filled the treat bags with a little bit of candy, folded the tops down and then decided to staple the bag to the topper. I wanted to use ribbon but I was in a crunch for time and so the quickest was to use the stapler. Not as cutesy but it gets the job done.

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