Friday, June 18, 2010

BFF Envelope Album

My daughter's friend is moving away next Friday. I wanted to do something for both of them. I made an album for each of them. I've seen envelope pockets and wanted to see if I could make an album. So here is my version of it. It still needs to be embellished after I put the photos on. Wanted to post though to give you an idea of how it turned out. Keep in mind that I am a little pressed for time. The thought occured to me just this week. It has been really hard to keep it away from my daughter. Finding the time to make it has been difficult too. The only time I can work on it is in the afternoons when all my daycare kids are sleeping and then I have to have it all cleaned up before she gets home from school. I cut tags from cereal boxes and put them in each of the openings of the envelopes. I used my Cricut to cut out the tags using George and Basic Shapes cartridge. The cupcake is from Sweet Treats. The balloons are from a SVG file from birthday bears at Anyways, enjoy the pictures. It has been fun to create!

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